About me


Who I am

My name is Daniel and I am a miniature painter. I started collecting and painting Games Workshop miniatures when I was five or six years old. I continued the hobby until I was in my early teens. I then took a 25-year break until late 2020 when I rediscovered my passion for miniature painting.

In mid-2022 I moved to Colombia, South America with my young family. I am now continuing my hobby from there, although I must admit, tabletop gaming and miniature painting in Colombia are much more expensive than in the UK. 

My collection

What I collect

I mostly collect Black Templars and I have a fairly good-sized force now, although most of it needs painting.

I also collect various other armies here and there as I like to mix up my painting. I have quite a lot of Necrons, and also some Death Korps of Krieg, Orks, Chaos Space Marines and Tau.

I really like some of the new Eldar models and will probably pick some up soon too.

Pile of shame

What I still have left to paint

Since getting back into mini painting, I have amassed a sizeable pile of shame that I need to finish painting:

  • The majority of the Indomitus box set
  • Interdiction Force box set
  • Black Templars box set
  • Grimaldus and his servitors
  • Helbrecht
  • Black Templars Combat Patrol box set
  • Sword Bretheren
  • Space Marine Heroes Series 2 Terminators – the full set apart from the ancient
  • A primaris techmarine
  • A primaris apothecary
  • Kill Team Octarius box set
  • A squad of chaos space marines
  • A Tau fire team squad
  • The Age of Sigma Dominion box set
  • Fafnir Rann
  • Inquisitor Erasmus Cartavolnus
  • Necron Combat Patrol box set
  • Primaris aggressors
  • Horus Heresy Age of Darkness box set
  • Some 40K terrain
  • There are probably some other minis I have forgotten