Welcome to chillminis!

I wanted to write this post to personally welcome you to my website and provide some of my background.

In 2020 I began to watch a lot of miniature painting tutorials on YouTube, reigniting my passion for minis.

I decided to start my new collection with the Warhammer 40K Indomitus box set. The Necron half is my 7-year-old son’s army and I am building a space marine army.

Originally I was collecting Destroyers, a White Scars successor chapter. However, I loved the new Black Templars models and the whole aesthetic, so I decided to collect them instead. I will at some point build as a Destroyers Kill Team as I have some ideas for how I would like to customise them.

Other than Black Templars and Necrons, I have some Orks and Death Korps of Krieg from the Kill Team: Octarius box set, a squad of Chaos Space Marines, a Tau Fire Team squad, the Age of Sigmar: Dominion box set, Fafnir Rann and Erasmus Cartavolnus.

I like to paint the models to the best of my ability, so it takes me quite a long time to paint. The models I currently have could possibly last me years!

Despite this rather sizeable pile of shame, there are a few other models and armies that I would like to collect. I want some of the new Eldar models – I think they look really good. I love painting Orks too and so I want to build a really diverse Ork horde at some point. I also have plans for an Imperial Knight at some point, which I am super excited about.

If you have any questions then please feel free to reach out me. You can send me a message by emailing info@chillminis.com.

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