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Yndrasta - The Celestial Spear

Yndrasta is a model from Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar game. I purchased this model as part of the Age of Sigmar: Dominion box set.

Yndrasta is one of the Lords of the Stormcast Eternals, and also a very enjoyable model to paint.

Painting Yndrasta felt a bit intimidating at first as there just seems like so much to paint, what with the large wings and the heavily detailed base, but once I got into a rhythm it was fairly straightforward.

Materials used
  • Citadel paints
    • Wraithbone
    • Corax White
    • Celestra Grey
    • Ulthuan Grey
    • White Scar
    • Grey Seer
    • Macragge Blue
    • Calgar Blue
    • Fenrisian Grey
    • Leadbelcher
    • Stormhost Silver
    • Retributor Armour
    • Auric Armour Gold
    • Reikland Fleshshade
    • Mechanicus Standard Grey
    • Eshin Grey
    • Dawnstone
    • Abaddon Black
    • Agrax Earthshade
    • Baneblade Brown
    • Bieltan Green
    • Nuln Oil
    • Drakenhoff Nightshade
    • Dryad Bark
    • Evil Sunz Scarlet
    • Fire Dragon Bright
    • Flayed One Flesh
    • Gorthor Brown
    • Gryph Charger Grey
    • Iron Warriors
    • Karak Stone
    • Khorne Red
    • Mephiston Red
    • Mournfang Brown
    • Nurgling Green
    • Orruk Flesh
    • Pallid Wych Flesh
    • Pink Horror
    • Rakarth Flesh
    • Screamer Pink
    • Seraphim Sepia
    • Skeleton Horde
    • Steel Legion Drab
    • Tallarn Sand
  • Gamers Grass tiny tufts
  • Homemade pigment powder using pastels
  • Vallejo matt varnish
  • Stynlrez primer

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